Who is everyBODY Multisport?


Who are we and why did we create everyBODY Multisport?

We’re two regular adult athletes.  We swim, bike and run.  We train for triathlons and, really, for life.  Fitness is a big part of our routine (even though we slack off sometimes) and we’ve had lots of great experiences through that.
Eric had created a website – Clydesdale Multisport – previously and was going to revive that.  Tara said something along the lines of, “Isn’t a Clydesdale website limiting? Aren’t you missing a lot of people?”  And, just like that everyBODY Multisport was born.
Our mission is to serve people like us.  We’re never at the speedy end of the field but we enjoy what we do.  We’re parents and have full time jobs.  We train hard but slack off at times.  We mostly eat healthy but don’t starve ourselves into Ironman pro bodies.
We believe that our experience in the multisport world will allow us to share knowledge and experience and help other folks like us.  This won’t just be a training and equipment review site.  We’ll share the fun stuff we do around training and racing.  We think that life can be full of great experiences AND the suffering we put ourselves through while training and racing.  

Our Team

Tara Gormley

Tara Gormley

Hi, I’m Tara.  I’m in the 45-49 age group and I never thought I would be racing triathlon.

I was always a swimmer!  I took my first swim lesson around the age of two and started racing on my local YMCA team when I was 6.  I took my love of swimming and the YMCA to start a dual certified, USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming, at my current YMCA and hold an ASCA Level III, education only, coach certification.  I was also a USA Swimming certified coach and YMCA certified coach.  I ran that team and aquatics program until the demands of being single a mom led me away from the Y. 

As a middle aged adult I began running with friends and have run 6 half marathons and numerous 5ks.  Running was my sort of friend therapy where we solved all the world’s problems, or so we thought.  When running became less challenging I began cycling at age 37 on a hand me down bike. 

Cycling is my second love after swimming.  I love to ride because it allows you to see the beauty you normally miss driving in a car.  I have since upgraded my bike, I now have a hand me down tri bike, and enjoy every mile I get to put on it.

While I enjoyed all three of these event, triathlon was never a thought for me until a friend asked me to race a Sprint with her.  I thought she was crazy because, well, I am a bigger girl and qualify to race Athena.  I raced my first triathlon when I was 39, race age of 40, and have never looked back.  Since saying yes to my first Sprint race I’ve done three 70.3 races plus a bunch of sprints and Olympic distance races.

My goal with everyBODY Multisport is to help women like me.  You don’t need to be ultra-fit to train for and compete in multisport events.  Sometimes you just have to start.  Find some local folks you can run with, ride with and swim with. Find women like you and train with them.  I think you’ll find that there are a lot of people out there to support you in your journey.


Eric Lepping

Eric Lepping

Hi, I’m Eric.  I’m 51, a Clydesdale, have two kids and the best training partner in the world.
I’ve been involved in endurance sports for most of my life. I began swimming around age 10 and started riding bikes seriously at age 13.  I competed in my first triathlon and bike races in 1983.  (I won that first triathlon…)
I’m a long time bike geek and started working on my own bikes before getting my first bike shop job in 1984.  That job led to working with Campagnolo and Mavic neutral support, completing the second US Cycling Federation Mechanics’ Camp in 1988 and six years of working with high level professional and amateur cycling teams in the 80s and 90s.  Since then I’ve continued in the sport and has been part of the staff at many of the biggest cycling races in the US.  
I think I’m a more than competent (and curious) mechanic and love working on bikes.  I’m an unrepentant tool geek. I probably buy more tools than I need considering I have some tools in my tool box that I’ve had for over thirty years. 
While cycling is my favorite part of a triathlon i enjoy putting all three disciplines together and especially enjoy learning how to get better.  
I also love helping others learn more about endurance sports and equipment.
My biggest goal for everyBODY Multisport is helping other athletes like me – middle of the packers who love being active.  I want to share my nearly 4 decades of knowledge to help others be the best athletes they can be.

How We Met

In 2010 both of us were doing multisport events.  Our local running shop had (and still has) a Tuesday morning running speed work group at the local high school track.  Both of us were married at that point but we met via that running group. 

ERIC – I remember meeting Tara at the track.  I don’t remember much except a nice smile and that she was always friendly.

Fast forward a few years and our paths were crossing as they tend to do in communities like ours.  We’d see each other at YMCA events and chat a bit.  Eventually Eric’s daughter joined the Y swim team and we saw each other a bit more frequently.  

ERIC – At some point during the 2013 season my marriage was crumbling and I saw Tara at a swim meet or practice.  I knew that she was separated and I told her that I was joining the same club that she was in.  I got a hug and a “hang in there” from Tara.

 Over the next year or so we’d run into each other occasionally.  Eric helped Tara with her LinkedIN profile and Tara bought Eric lunch.  We had coffee a couple times.  

Eventually Eric asked Tara to go see some local music and we grabbed some dinner beforehand.  Our second date was a bike ride to Frenchtown NJ on Bastille Day.  (Friends of Eric’s were on the ride too.)  

From there it’s been lots of rides, swims and runs together.  Many races including three 70.3s.  Lots of other fun stuff too.

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