• Magnets keep things where they’re supposed to be
  • Carry what you need/Flexibility/Customizability
  • Nice design
  • Feels great in the handy
  • Sturdy and likely very durable

Mineral Designs Mini Bar

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Bike, Bike Maintenance, Tools

A multitool of some kind is a “must have” for every cyclist.  There are tons of tools available.  Some have just the right number of bits for your bike, some are overkill.  Knowing what you might need on the roadside is important.  If you need a 3mm hex key and your multitool is missing that in favor of a couple of Torx bits that you DON’T need and you’ll be calling someone or hopping in an Uber. 

With the ability to carry what you need in mind I really like the Mineral Designs Mini Bar.  The tool comes packed with 10 bits – 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm; a T25, plus Phillips and Slotted screwdriver bits.  Take a look over your bike, figure out what you need and load up the 6 spaces in the bit holder.  

From there the tool and the bit holder fit together very nicely.  The steel tool handle nests together with the bit holder securely with magnets.  That should keep the tool rattle free in your seat pack.  The magnets also hold the bit firmly in the handle.  Not so firmly that you can’t remove them though.  The tool bar fits nicely in my hand and should provide pretty good leverage if you need it.  (Remember not to use too much of that leverage when tightening things…)  

The L shaped handle has three socket areas to hold the individual bits.  So far that layout has allowed me to get to every spot on the bike that I might need to while on the road.  After having a pedal fail recently on a ride I made sure to throw the 8mm bit in the bit carrier.  The handle of the Mini Bar seems to be string enough to provide the backbone needed to remove a pedal if necessary.  Not sure that would have helped me in the case of the recent pedal failure but maybe.  If nothing else it would have allowed me to take of the dead pedal spindle…

Mineral’s claimed weight on the Mini Bar is 112 grams.  For a tool that’s made out of steel that’s not too bad.  Compare that weight with tools with similar functionality and it’s a bit lighter.  

Retail on the Mini Bar is $34.99.  Yeah, that’s more expensive than other multi tools but this is a tool that will last a long time.

Overall I dig the Mini Bar – beautiful design, well thought out, and it fits well in my hand.  The bits fit the various bikes on my bikes well.  The slim design fits well in a seat pack.  Form & function are nicely combined here.  What’s not to like about that?

Check it out at the Mineral Designs website.  Or better yet, ask your local shop to order a couple.  After I showed the guys at Doylestown Bike Shop (my LBS) they ordered a couple.

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