• Slow down
  • Focus on technique
  • Break down the body parts
  • Have fun!

Off Season Swimming

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Swim, Training

Ahhhh…Off Season swimming

I just love offseason swimming!

This is the time to slow the pace and focus on technique.  Swimming is mostly technique and the slightest technique change can make a world of difference in your efficiency.  Better efficiency equals better splits.  Who doesn’t want faster splits?

When I set up a swim workout I like to break out drills by body part: Streamline/full body, arms/shoulders and legs/hips.  Focusing on each area individually allows me to check my form before putting it all together.

Looking at my arms I love to pull with my Finis axis buoy.  Why this choice?  I love that this buoy fits nicely at your ankles and is secure.  Sure you can throw a normal buoy between your ankles but that first flip turn when the buoy goes flying into the lane next you quickly come to appreciate how this buoy stays with you.

Placing the buoy at my ankles I can focus on the pull and keep my legs in line with my body.  Not out wide as some like to do.  Long reach, drive through the finger tips, rotate, high elbow catch, pull through to the hips, engage your core and repeat.  These are the things I tell myself as I comfortably swim through my set.  Remember the pace when swimming these type of drills should be SLOW.  Don’t hear that too often when you are in season training.

I also like to work on my hand position.  Using the Finis Agility paddle keeps me honest with my hands.  Using paddles helps me feel what it is like to be strong in the pull and helps me dial in my hand position.  Since my paddles don’t attached to my hands, I instantly know when my form isn’t right when the paddle kicks back.   

After some drill work I like to swim outright to see if the changes I made stay with my when I put the whole stroke back together.  Sometimes it works and honestly sometimes it does not.  When it doesn’t that is ok.  Not every day can be a good swim I just remind myself how grateful I am to be able to swim and look forward to the next time.




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