• Great fit
  • Easy on and off make these great triathlon shoes
  • Great value and good price point
  • Boa dial adjustment

Shimano RC7 Cycling Shoes

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Bike, Gear

After 30+ years of riding I’m picky about shoes.  I began riding in the days of toe clips and have ridden in a bunch of shoes since that time.  I’ve gone through a season in Shimano’s RC7 shoes and wanted to share my  thoughts on them…
Here at everyBODY Multisport we look at gear that’s right for folks like us.  Sure, the Shimano S-Phyre shoes look great and every review out there gives them very high marks.  However at around $400 retail they don’t fit all budgets.  The RC7 is around half of that price making it more affordable for everyBODY.  (As I write this up the 2019 RC7 is being released.  Similar to the 2018 shoe but with 2 Boa dials for fit.  Retail is $225 on the new shoes.  The 2018 RC7 is still available online at around $199.)
After a season of use I can say that the RC7 is a really great shoe for me.  The fit is great.  (I have a pretty standard width foot and wear a size 47/US size 13).  The show has a single Boa dial at the top which makes for really nice micro adjustments plus a velcro strap over the forefoot.  I had a little trouble getting the forefoot as snug as I wanted it at first but was able to get that right after some break in time.  If you haven’t worn shoes with a Boa dial yet you don’t know what you’re missing.  The shoes are easy to get in and out of and the ability to make fast, simple adjustments while riding is great.  These even became my triathlon shoes.  Yes, some tri shoes are a little easier to get into but I found that the RC7 was almost as fast and easy.  I don’t keep my shoes on the bike so I haven’t tried hopping on the bike then putting my feet in the shoes but I suspect it will be pretty easy.  The shoes stay open pretty well so slipping into them is no problem in transition.  Cranking the Boa dial down tight enough to run out of transition is quick and the ability to fine tune the adjustment quickly on the fly has meant that my old velcro strapped tri shoes have come out of the basement in the last year.   
The RC7 is, for me, a super comfortable shoe.  No hot spots, no numbness, just a great fit that has meant a season of happy feet on the bike.  The forefoot is secure and the heel cup keeps my foot in where it’s supposed to be in the shoe.  That’s one of the major differences between these and my now retired tri shoes.  I’ve found that most tri shoes are just way too sloppy for my liking and pedaling style.  The RC7 does what shoes are supposed to – be the interface between your foot and the pedals.  That nice, secure fit ensures that I’m not giving any thought to my shoes while riding.
The shoes drain well, too.  This may not be all that important but it was at the Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City this year.  It rained lightly at the beginning of my bike segment but was pouring by the end.  My feet never felt like they were in a swamp.  They didn’t feel dry, of course, but the show drained well and kept my feet as dry as could be hoped while riding in the rain. 
The shoes have been nice and durable with virtually no wear after a couple thousand miles of riding.  I’m confident that I could get another couple seasons out of the shoes.  Durable gear means that you’re not shelling out a bunch of cash each season.  I think most of us can appreciate that. 
So, overall I love the RC7.  I’d be interested to see the fit difference in the new RC7 with dual Boa dials.  I suspect that the forefoot fit would be even better.
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