Smash Fest Queen RFA Kit Review (and story)

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Bike, Gear, Run


  • Great fit
  • Top stays in place and doesn’t ride up
  • Unsmashable – Survived a slide across the road

If you are like me, spending a lot of money on workout clothes just isn’t worth it.  I never look good in it and it is just going to get sweaty.  My current workout gear was ready to go a long time ago but to buy new I needed a real good reason.  That came this past year where I was racing the Atlantic City 70.3 for the third time.

It was a good year.  Training had gone well and I felt this would be the year for a PR.  I decided it was maybe time to invest in some new gear,  I wanted to look good crossing that finish line.   So I decided to invest in a tri kit by Smash Fest Queen, the RFA Tri kit to be specific.  Surprising I looked pretty good in the kit and it was comfortable.   Now all I had to do was race like Hillary and Michele.

Unfortunately this was not going to be my year for my 70.3 PR.  The day was a rainy miserable mess but I kept my mind set on the goal, finishing the race with a PR in my nice new kit.  My swim was a little slower than I wanted but I knew I could make up that time on the bike.  I wasn’t going to let the rain slow me down and was cruising along.

If you know this race, you know it is two and half loops on the Atlantic City expressway.  I was kicking butt – loop 1 DONE, loop 2 DONE.  All I had to do was get back on the expressway and cruise the 3-4 miles back to transition.  That was when, on a 90 degree turn, a water filled hole presented itself.  Yes I hit that hole and yes it took me down effectively taking me out of the race that was supposed to be my PR.  I can still feel my body sliding along on that dirty wet street.  Did I mention the race was in Atlantic City and we were on the AC Expressway?  Yuck!

There were many things to be thankful for in that fall.  For one, I fell right in front of 5 members of the EMS and race team; one of whom commented I had the best fall he had seen all day.  Not sure that was the truth or whether he was trying to put a smile on my disappointed face.  Delmo Race Team member, Thank you for that smile!   There were a lot of crashes that day and I was lucky enough to be one of the few heading back to transition and not the hospital.

What I hadn’t thought about when I hopped in the SAG van with my broken ego was my new kit.  In fact I didn’t think about it until I got back to the house I was staying in and did an assessment of my various bumps and scrapes.  Yes I had road rash, yes it ran down my leg and arm and yes it hurt.  When I looked at my new kit expecting to see tears and rips there was nothing.  Not only had the kit protected my skin from the road it stayed completely intact.  You can even see the curve of the kit in a nice curve at the bottom of my road rash!

Smash Fest gets high ratings from me.  The fit was comfortable, no bunching up at the belly or tightness around the legs, arms and neck.  The top did not rise in the back while I was on the bike and stayed securely around my waist.  Plenty of accessible space to store nutrition.  Most importantly on this day, it stood up to the wet, dirty roads of Atlantic City like a champ.

I don’t have a rematch with Atlantic City on my schedule this year but you can be sure I will have this kit on in my next race.

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